Who We Are

About Durstcrew

Durstcrew was founded in 2010 on the goal of becoming one of the leading manufacturers' representative companies in North America with a focus on providing a holistic group of services.  

Durstcrew understands the challenges of bringing a concept to market and supporting it through its in-store lifecycle. Our expertise and experience in solving these challenges for our partners is what sets us apart from our competitors. With over 14 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in North America, Western Europe, Southeast Asia and China, we have provided our expert services from Tier 1 Operators (T-Mobile, AT&T, Verizon, Sprint, British Telecom, etc.) to National Retailers.  We have helped with the placement of many well-known brands and products in today’s marketplace.  We know the key decision makers in our industry, and we know how to effectively take new brands and products to market in a quick, cost-effective and successful manner.

Durstcrew only represents the best in new brands and products, thereby offering a premium, exclusive partnership.

Meet the Founder

Founder, Michael Pratt, had the vision and drive to build his own company on the foundation of a family-oriented workplace where creativity, outside-the-box thinking, willingness to adapt and overcome obstacles, and not taking no for an answer provide partners with a top-of-the-line service found nowhere else.  The great relationships Michael keeps with associates set Durstcrew apart from the rest.  The saying goes, “You must invest 10,000 hours in your work to become a phenom” and it is safe to say Michael has invested 100,000 hours!

Michael has coined the term “total incubation” to relay the message that Durstcrew is not a sales rep. company, but instead, offers continued action with many services in all facets of brand and business building to lift brands far beyond a “rep’s” abilities. 

Michael’s expertise has been the catalyst for many brands to not only enter, but excel in the market.



Durstcrew had a premier partnership with Tech21 which is the company's greatest accomplishment.  Michael Pratt did this solely by growing the phone case company from a small British company to the 2nd largest grossing phone case company in the United States, Canada, and LATAM.  All of which Michael accomplished through great relationships.

LinkedIn Testimonials/Recommendations From Executives and Associates

"Michael is one of the most knowledgeable people I know, in the telecom industry. He is constantly striving to better himself through his interactions with clients and co-workers and has an amazing, perservering attitude. Michael is a pleasure to work with and will go above and beyond to help out in any way he can. I would love to work with Michael again!"

"Being new to the industry of wireless accessories, I often leaned on Michael for his faceted knowledge of this business.  Michael, holding a key role in strategic business development, approached every situation with confidence and was methodical and persuasive when it came to vendor and customer relations.  You’d be hard pressed to find someone with the value Michael brings to the table."

"Michael Pratt was respected and admired within the organization as the product line expert. Patience, dedication and determination to his product line resulted in 400% sales growth in less than 2 years. He is a leader, critical thinker, problem solver and exceptional communicator. He is encouraging and a joy to be around. Michael is the type of person everyone wants on their team."

"It's been a pleasure to work with Michael at different points in our career. Michael managed our 3rd Party product portfolio and had his finger on the pulse of the accessory business. He consistently exceeded expectations and has a passion for finding technology that aligns with meeting customer expectations. He has a great personality and is a charismatic presenter. I've managed many talented people in my career and Michael is one of the most talented. He adds significant value in everything he is involved in. I certainly would recommend him to lead any product, marketing or sales effort."

"Michael is one of the most knowledgeable, reliable, responsive project managers that I have had the pleasure to work with. He is extremely detail minded and action focused making a difficult project into a great success. I highly recommend him."

"Michael was my support on branded product. Whenever there was a lull in product offerings, he was the "Superman" we brought in to save the day! He always had a creative solution and a positive way to present it. He relays information well and presents himself in a professional manner. I trusted him in front of the customer with me and I knew that what he promised, he could deliver. He is a good man and a great asset to a team."

"Michael was great to work with and I would highly recommend him. He is detail oriented and gets the job done. I continually appreciated his ability to listen and understand complex situations and to then implement effective strategies necessary to deal with them."

"Exceptional marketing professional. Michael has an amazing ability to get everybody on board around the objectives of the projects he is managing. His attention to detail, impeccable organizational skills and the originality and innovation of his approach gained the respect of his team and the entire management group. Michael achieves results, no matter how difficult the task at hand."