Durstcrew offers effective and efficient services that are equipped to provide quick results for new companies to expand their brand footprint.


  • "Go-To-Market-Strategy" Planning
  • Marketing Research Analysis
  • Customer/Corporate Reviews
  • Exclusive Partnership Consulting
  • Day to Day Reports
  • Product Life Cycle:
    • Concept/Design/Product Development
    • Packaging
    • Manufacturing/Production
    • Distribution/Logistics/Supply Chain
    • Marketing/PR
    • Product Life Cycle Management 
    • EOL/Liquidation

Product Life Cycle

Concept/Design/Product Development

Durstcrew creates simple, but effective, concepts with businesses that will translate into a design for their product. Our purpose is to understand the company’s product and how we can recreate your vision to produce what is necessary the first time, instead of being forced to change what has already been created later down the road causing unnecessary spending.

Packaging/Manufacturing/ Production

Durstcrew analyzes the current packaging, then offers insight to features and benefits with attention to detail to further better your packaging.   Manufacturing/Production is one of the biggest components of the Product Life Cycle. Durstcrew tailors each company to a manufacturer to create your product in an efficient manner. Our goal for manufacturing and production is to bring your product into the marketplace as efficiently as possible. 

Distribution/Logistics/Supply Chain


Developing a strong relationship with distributors and manufacturers will maximize profit for your company.  Effective management between manufacturers and distributors will produce quality products and logistics.  Other important elements Durstcrew can provide:

  • Manufacturing Production Tracking 
  • Distribution Analysis   

Supply Chain and Logistics Support is an important element for your company because it allows us to create an effective flow of your product from start to finish while managing product inventory and consulting. 

“End to End Product Lifecycle Management” is our ultimate goal for your product. 


Marketing and Public Relations are the two most important elements to bringing a new brand to market successfully.  Durstcrew has experience bringing new companies to life in the industry through strategic marketing. We find the right PR firm that fits your brand/product perfectly to maximize growth.

Product Life Cycle Management

Success in the marketplace can be simply broken down to 50% great product and 50% great relationships. Durstcrew has built strong relationships with Tier 1 companies for many years, making the client’s product more accessible into retailers. Another great about our company is that we build relationships with every customer. Our goal is to get customers to grab the product and purchase without hesitation.



EOL/ Liquidation is the final process in the Product Life Cycle. Durstcrew is responsible for monitoring and mandating all of your companies’ assets for the most profitable outcome. Our goal is to avoid loss of revenue on product.