Our Approach

"Go-To-Market Strategy"

Durstcrew uses marketing research from top competitors, to compare and contrast, which enables us to generate an analysis report which is then used by retailers to make key decisions.  We produce sample designs with attractive marketing, simple but effective packaging, and competitive pricing which will generate comprehensive sales from customers.  Our goal, is for you to attract customers in a short amount of time to purchase your product. 

"Realistic, easily executed and effectively cost-savvy to be most profitable" 

-Michael Pratt, CEO

Durstcrew is able to craft specific strategies tailored to the company they work with, pair them with the ideal partner, enter them into the market and earn profit as quickly as possible. CEO, Michael Pratt, has developed strong relationships with Tier 1 companies.  The trust is so strong in turn giving customers a far greater chance to receive placement wherever you would like.  We are designed to understand your product and strategize which companies will take your product into their stores. Our purpose is to get your company into Tier 1 stores in order to maximize the profit from your product. Our market strategy is realistic, easily executed and effectively cost-savvy to be most profitable.