Partners and Customers


Tech21 is one of Durstcrew’s premier partners.  The two companies began its partnership in 2010 and within 7 months of partnering, Durstcrew secured an exclusive arrangement for Tech21 with T-Mobile USA.  It resulted in Tech21 producing T-Mobile branded, impact protection cases for all new smartphones and tablets since June 2011.  Tech21 now owns over 75% of T-Mobile’s carrying case category and the partnership has continued to grow in 2012.
Durstcrew has lead Tech21’s market penetration into Canada with a successful launch with Bell Canada in Q4 2011.  Bell Canada and Tech21 have partnered to leverage the unique technology within Tech21 products to help differentiate Bell’s accessory portfolio.
The future for Tech21 in North America is bright due to the key relationships Durstcrew has forged in Canada and the US.  Further expansion into Latin America, driven by Durstcrew, is expected in 2013