Welcome to Durstcrew.com


Durstcrew was founded in 2010 on the goal of becoming one of the leading manufacturers representative companies in North America.  A focus on providing a holistic group of services that founder, Michael Pratt, likes to call ‘total-incubation’ is what sets Durstcrew apart from competitors.

Durstcrew’s ‘total incubation’ model includes support for all aspects of bringing a concept to market and supporting it through its in store lifecycle:

•Product Development
•Comprehensive Sales and “Go To Market” Strategy
•Wholesale/Distribution Management
•Supply Chain and Logistics Support (End to End)
•Customer Account Management (Day to Day)

Durstcrew’s true value to its partners is its expertise.  With over 14 years of experience in the telecommunications industry in North America, Western Europe, South East Asia and China; we have provided our expertise to customers ranging from Tier 1 Operators (AT&T, Verizon, KPN, British Telecom, etc.) to national retailers (Best Buy, Radioshack) and have helped with the placement of many brands and products well known in today’s marketplace.  We know the key decision makers in our industry, and we know how to successfully take new brands and products to market in a quick, cost-effective and successful manner.

Durstcrew only represents the best in new brands and products, thereby offering a premium, exclusive partnership.